Urgemer Canarias Beech BE20 EC-JJP




two Garret TPE331-6-252B turboprop engines each rated at 533kW (715shp)


max cruising speed 307mph


Wingspan 14.00m; length 12.17m; height 4.70


5352kg maximum take-off weight


up to 13 passengers or equivalent freight

The model 90 (developed from the Model 65) was another Beech designed for commercial or military applications. The first customer was the US Army which designated it U-21 for light transport work, but later produced electronic reconnaissance versions. Civil models have been progressively updated. Production exceeds 1400 and the Model F90 Super King Air now includes a T tail arrangement. The beech 100 dates from 1969 and is a stretch of the Model 90. This too was taken by the military and progressively improved and uprated, but production ceased in 1983; the type has been superseded by the Model 200, 300 and 350 Super King Air range that dates from 1972, easily discerned by their T tail and produced in high numbers for civil/executive and military customers. Specifications apply to the Beech Model B100. (Excerpt from The Encyclopedia of Aircraft page 63)