A.C.A.Z. C.2Edit

This Belgian biplane logged three known flight in a course of seven years.

History Edit

The A.C.A.Z C.2 or C.2 took it's first flight in early 1926, in this same flight the Belgian Aéronautique Militaire evaluated the C.2. The only C.2 ever built, a prototype, was built in the Ateliers de Construction Aéronautique de Zeebrugge, in Zeebrugge, Belgium. Unfortunately no C.2 were ever order by the Belgian Aéronautique Militaire. On March 9, 1928 the C.2 attempted to fly to the Belgian Congo ended failure with the C.2 landing in France. The C.2 crashed on January 25, 1933

Specificatons Edit

Length 27 ft 0.8 in (8.25 m)

Height 11 ft 1.875 in (3.40 m)

Span 41 ft 0.125 in (12.50 m)

Area of the Wing 436.58 sq ft (40.56 m²)

Empty Weight 2,778 lb (1,260 kg)

Loaded Weight 4,563 lb (2,070 kg)

Engine Specifications Edit

Engine Hispano- Suiza 12Ha 12-cylinder liquid-cooled

Max Horsepower 450 hp

Max Speed 155 mph (250 kph)

Time to 19,685 ft (6,000 m) 35 min

Endurance (full power) 3.5 hrs

Armament Edit

1 7.7 mm Vickers machine gun

2 7.7 mm Lewis machine gun